From CEO to suited truckdriver


I‘m Bart, the owner of the PFM Intelligence Group. We are absolute experts in what we do. Our main business is counting and quantifying people flows in- and around retail related premises. We’re doing well, but from my personal vision and ambition we hardly touch the surface of what we could become.  With 55 people and an install base for over 500 shopping centers and 30.000 installs for retailers we are anything but a start up however still a small fish in a strong growing world for need of insights. It is my ambition to make the PFM Group a world-wide brand known for outstanding capabilities and innovations in everything we do.

Already since 2013 I wanted to create a mobile demonstration model to present our products and services in the most amazing way. As with many idea’s which are a bit out of the ordinary, problems arise everywhere and conventional wisdom from your surroundings aren’t exactly in your favor. "What are the costs, how are you going arrange transportation, what if it doesn’t work? You should wait until the software is ready"…. And so on..!  Time went by and many people tried to talk some sense into me, but I just ignored all the naysayers and went all-in!

Dream big

The lingering issue on the whole concept has always been financing. It’s fair to say this concept doesn’t come cheap. However the perseverance in following my ambition is what made the difference. Create what you can’t buy! To ramp up the process I decided to sell my private home in order to pay the first deposit on the purchase of our brand-new PFM Truck. No more silly questions from bankers. I wanted to get things done, with no way back! Big dreams require big sacrifices, so I've been told…

The ambition is clear, goals are high, and the road ahead will be ‘bumpy’.. ..exactly how I like it! Long story short; I’m an entrepreneur, almost 40 years old, no more house but soon the proud owner of what could become an eye-catching truly unique and world first concept...

Looking forward, Bart



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The suited truckdriver