Mobile experience center

In 2013 there was the idea to create a mobile demonstration model to present the products and services of PFM in the most amazing way. The whole story around the 'Suited Truck Driver' was based on this! The mobile experience center had to be driven around by someone. Since it was Bart's initial idea, he figured he'd be the one driving the custom-made truck and visit clients in Europe to demonstrate Planet PFM.

This mobile experience center became the starting point of what we like to call Planet PFM, our world of BIG data and greater insights!



Everything is a source of data

Today, nearly every part of our world can be reduced to a number. Data is everywhere, everything is a source of data just waiting to be processed and analysed. Documents, text, images, speech, sensors, music, movements of people and vehicles, it all can be turned into a data source. But data is just data when you leave it like that. What about bringing all data to life?

With all technologies available nowadays we can process, analyse and display all data streams available. By bringing data to life you have the resources to grow your business and have access to greater insights. Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning is next level data for your business: at Planet PFM everything is data, ready to be used.


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When PFM was founded over 30 years ago, our main focus was footfall data, analyses, interpretation and providing advice to our clients to improve their business. The last years we have seen a trend where the need for data, from multiple data sources, and insights increased significantly. We have the ability to collect and analyse whatever data our clients desire, which will result in a healthier, cheaper, more connected and, ultimately, better world.

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