#50 Combination

Some awesome footage made by THE SHOWTRUCK Channel. Today I can pick up the trailer. Connecting it to  the truck went quite smoothe... But then we had 3 minor set backs. 1. Airhose was blocked. 2. the air connectors on the truck and trailer were mounted differently. 3. We couldn't get the car on the trailer as easy as we thought. But everything worked out eventually so back to Alphen aan den Rijn with this beautiful combination! What a length...

#49 Champagne! 

Yes!! Finally... the truck has been approved! We have a license plate! Let's take the time to pop a bottle of champagne with the entire team to celebrate this special moment! During the video the insurence was finalized as well, so let's put the A45-S on the truck and hit the road! Nice detail.. they painted my helmet in the same color of the truck and the car, how cool is that?! On my way to the office in Alphen aan den Rijn to parc the truck where it belongs. What an amazing day! 

#48 Wanted! 

Let me start with my first question. I am looking for an experienced driver who can help me improve my driving skills. Sounds like something for you? Send me an email and maybe we will be on the road together soon! Second question. I need to come up with a name for the truck and I could use your help! In this video I am cleaning the truck for the first time. You could easily spend hours doing this... But it looks better already. What do you think? 

#47 Pacton

On my way to PACTON to see the trailor, which is nearly done! It really looks amazing with all the cool details. Let me also update you (again) on the planning, because of course... everything takes longer than expected. Spoiler alert... the truck is still not 'approved'. It's probably because, well you know, we cut the cabin in half and they want to know all about how we put everything back together...  Please click, like & subscribe!  

#46 trailor 2.0

Today we are at Pacton, where we find the trailor. The last time we were here, I showed you the shell of the trailor. Today I am going to show you the process of assembly and constuction. A lot of technical details, lighting and of course the colors! The inspection is scheduled around the same time as the second inspection of the truck, so the final chapter is getting closer... Click, like & subscribe!! 

#45 roadtrip

It's time for a roadtrip, including the EXPANDABLE container on the truck, on my way to Bazelmans in Veldhoven! Now I can really experience the comfort f driving the complete truck. I will explain a bit more why the truck is not licensed for public road usage yet. It was rejected on various items. I will also bring you up to speed on latest developments regarding the planning. Click and subscribe now! 

#44 trailor

Today I am at the factory of PACTON. Great to see the assembly of the trailor. Quite loud, I have to warn you, but it is really cool to see how this all works. Let me show you where the trotter will be placed. We had to place it 5 cm lower to make sure we do not exceed the maximim height. And of course we had some other challenges as well... Have a look at the video and let me know what you think!! It's all about steel today! 

#43 toys for boys

This my new 'little' wonder on wheels: the Mercedes-AMG A45s 2020!! With no less than 421 hp he actually comes close to the power of his big cousin with 530 hp. It still is quite a thing to get him on the truck though, so a little practise is a good idea. Let's start with changing clothes.. Curious to see how I'm doing? Check out the video and subscribe to my channel!   

#42 practise

The day has come.. I am going to offload the EXPANDABLE unit. Let me start by changing clothes.. A suit is nice, but not now.. It really is precisionwork to be honest, but I can do this! Let me take you through the whole process and explain everything in more detail. And last but not least, I have some amazing footage of the complete truck in beautiful natural sunlight. Curious? Click on the video and don't forget to subscribe!  

#41 lifting

In this video I do my first lifting (over 1500 kg!!) using the ELEBIA hook. This is pretty cool to watch! I am also answering the 5 frequently asked questions. By the way, I also have a questions for my viewers, so pretty curious to hear your answers.  Last but not least I am sharing some really cool drone footage. For example images of the truck with a fully deployed crane! Wait no longer, click 'watch' and let me know what you think! 

#40 crane

In the last video you saw the crane was mounted onto the truck. With utmost craftsmanship I must add. Today is the day I get the chance to give it a go. I must say it is quite exiting, it all works perfectly! I will also show you how it looks when the container slides out and back in. Then I will bring you up to speed on the planning and we talk more about the trailer including the ledstrip across the entire trailer. Enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe! 

#39 wow

Today is the day for the fishing rod! In this video you'll see the crane will be mounted onto the truck! Small side note... chances are 50-50 that everyhing will go well at once, so fingers crossed everybody! I will also show the complete truck including container for the first time. It really looks amazing! Check out the video and let me know what you think!

#38 fan photo

This video starts with a slight problem with a failing horn, luckily minor issues. After that an enthusiastic fan took a photo of the truck. I get that more often lately, really cool! After that, I am on route to Barneveld. At Ematri the crane will be mounted. The container was also brought to Ematri, so pretty soon we can see how this looks on the back of the truck! Enjoy!  

#37 camera

In this video you can see the truck is getting flashes & no more mirrors but cameras!! Let me show you the innovative camera system. After that let's go to Van den Oever to take a look at the EXPANDABLE container. The table and closets really are fantastic. I can adjust the height of the table with an app, talking about technology.. 

#36 special visit

In this video I am taking a drive from Veldhuizen to Rogam, with a special visit in Alphen aan den Rijn. For this special visit, I need my passenger seat, which is installed! My passenger today is a lady from Alphen aan den Rijn, a big fan since day 1, who is really ill.  I will have to drive the truck in a very narrow street so I can pick her up. I am really grateful to be able to do this for her. It is great to see how much she enjoyed the ride! 

#35 5th axis

1 year ago they started working on the 5th axis. Now it is about to be finished. Let me show you a bit more in detail. I hope you agree with me that this really is quite the technology. I am also talking about the power supply for the container. Any sugestions are more than welcome. Maybe you have experience in this direction? I would love to get in touch with you to discuss the options. Let me know!

#34 Cruising

Something this unique does not need words. In this video I am taking you on a readtrip. I will show you some footage of my truck. From details on the inside to an overview from the top. In most of my videos I explain a lot about what's going on with my truck. In this video I decided to let the images speak for itself. No words, just wow...  

#33 Interior revealed

Drumroll please... I am taking you to Special Interior. They have made some huge progress. The details are just amazing. The adjustable lights, the red stitching on the dark leather, it's all there. I even have my logo, the red suitedtruckdriver tie, on my chair. This is really amazing! In the second part of te video you'll see the experience center. The ceiling is done, which makes the sound a lot better. No more echo! And look at that table, it's even adjustable in height! Enjoy the video! 

#32 Camera 

Let me show you how all mirrors will become cameras. Also let's talk interior. All cabinets and furniture have been removed. This makes it possible to pull the cables and pipes for cameras and air horns. This is the first phase in the construction of the truck interior at Special Interior in Dronten. Some parts are already covered, I will give you a first glimpse of what you can expect on the inside. With a 3D camera I visualize the cabin and you can optimally watch in the coming weeks.

#31 Showdown  

There we are.. waiting outside the door, we can hear the motor running.. The tension rises.. And there it is, what an amazing machine!! The colors, the design, it's all there! I can't wait to take it for a spin. I am driving to Special Interior in Dronten, where they will work on the inside. Can you imagine what it will look like when it's all done? It's going to be nothing less then perfect! Enjoy the video! 

#30 Special paint  

In this video it is all about painting! And not just painting, but spray painting by hand! You can see the real artists, Marcel and Willeke, at work. For me it was one of the most difficult things to decide on during this entire process. Of course I had an idea if what the truck should look like, but transferring that idea from a moodboard onto the truck itself... I have to say, they did an amazing job! What do you think? 

#29 Change of Plans  

If there is anything I learned during this whole process, it is that nothing ever goes as planned...  In my last video you saw I drove the truck to Schijndel to get painted. But it turned out the basic paint layer needed some extra attention. So we decided to drive the truck back to Barneveld. On Facebook I saw some of you noticed this already. Let me show you the current situation at Ematra. Seperate parts that are ready to get painted. In the second of the part of the video we take a look at the container at Van Den Oever. Cool to see what has already been done. Hope you like it!  

#28 Hit the road!  

The time has come.. the truck is ready to take it for a drive. In this video you will be a witness of my first drive! I have to tell you, I am a litte nervous, but also really excited!! I am driving the truck to Schijndel, where it will be painted. The first turn is always the most exciting one.. and it went well! During the rest of the trip I was getting a little more relaxed. Had to stop for gas of course and had a chat with a guy who was interested in the truck. Also got some signals on the road from other trucks.. love it! 

#27 Crane mounted  

The crane is mounted!! At first the guys said it looked like a fishing rod, but now... When looking at the complete truck now, the extended cabine, the crane and platform, the proportions are more than fine! I will also show you the tilting mechanism of the cabin, really nice!! In the second part I will give you an update on the container. I have 2 words for you: REMOTE CONTROL. Let me show you... floors, walls everything... all individually controlled. Enjoy!  


#26 Painted Cabin  

It has been a while since I made a video. A lot has been done in the meantime, but not everything is as interesting to show. Today however, it's an exciting day! The cabin is painted and will be placed back onto the truck. After this we need to assemble to truck to make it ready to drive! Somewhere next week the truck will be driven to MW design. In this video I am also taking you for a walk around the chassis. there ars o many cool details I want to share with you all! Hope you enjoy!