#11 Cabine extension 

After we bought the truck, we decapitated it and now it's time to start building it up again! In this video an update on the creation of our special truck. The truck is at Ematri right now. Because we extended the cabin, the floor plate needed to be extended as well. Looking at the cabin right now, it starts to look more and more like a truck again. Stay tuned!  

#10 Decapitated truck 

The objective of this cabine extension is to create space for extra chairs, a closet and work space. By adding 900 mm you can imagine this brings extra forces on the construction which needs to be secured. And of course there are some challenges.. Is the chassis too short? We need 12 meters! And what about the tires? The new tires seem to be 4 centimeters higher than the other 2 back tires... Never a dull moment, stay tuned!  

#9 Driving to phase 2

They have built the 5th axle under the truck! In this video I will drive the truck from loosdrecht to Ematri in Barneveld. Gert will do a lot of heavy works such as mounting the supportchassis, EFFER crane and so much more... But first I had to drive the truck, which was slightly longher than I was used to, out of Loosdrecht... That was the first challenge!! What do you think.... Did I make it out of there in one piece..? 

#8 Mounting the 5th axis

In this video they tell us all about how they mounted the 5th axle under the truck. These guys really know what they're doing! And how does it work in the truck? Does the board computer know an extra axle is installed? And what about stabilization? How does that work? It really is impressive what they have done! Looking forward to the next phase!! 

#7 Sensor & showroom  

The last video updates were all about the Planet PFM truck. In this update I believe it's time to give you a bit more information about my ambition. What it is I want to do once the truck is all ready to go. I would like to explain a bit about sensors, how it works, what I want to do with them and how the data from this sensor is displayed on high tech screens in the 'experience center' on the back of my truck! 

#6 Cabin extension  

In this update you'll see what needs to be done when you want a custom made truck. It all starts with the cabin extension, which will be done in Veldhuizen by Gert and his team. After this he will install the EFFER crane. It is cool to hear that the guys are all excited to start working on this amazing truck!

#5 First drive impression  

Sneak preview.... Of course it's not how my truck will look in the end, BUT it is so cool to be able to have a look at it!! I have to admit, sitting in the cabin, that 'new smell', taking it for a test drive.... what an amazing feeling!! 

#4 Mercedes Factory in Germany  

On a cold Monday Morning in december I drove off to Germany to get a tour in the Mercedes Factory in Wörth. It was an amazing experience walking around this huge area! And of course I was hoping to get a glimpse of our AROCS model 5! Curious? Check out my new video!! 

#3 Tricks & Trucks  

It's all about the sizes, right? Especially when you're 14 centimeters too high... So how do we fix this? Watch my new video where I visit Mercedes, talk about measuring, sizes, and last but not least.... Actros versus Arocs! Did you know you can have an Actros truck with an Arocs front? Or vice versa.. Which one do you like best? 

#1 Short: Compliments  

People look at my funny when I am driving the truck. What's that guy doing in his suit? It doesn't seem to be the average truckers outfit. Other truck drivers are very positive I must say. Loads of positive reactions like "looking good"! "Cool"!  

#2 Test drive  

In this video I am taking a test drive in the new Mercedes Actros. I also explain how my truck will have to be rebuilt in order to meet requirements when it comes to layout. The ACTROS or AROCS... that is an issue I haven't decided on; mainly on bodywork, especially the front side. I will also explain to you what I have experienced in the run-up to this unique concept.

#1 Driving lesson

In this video I will take you on one of my CE driving lessons. Jan, my driving instructor with a lot of patience, explains to me how to mount and dock. As you can see, it sometimes takes a couples of tries before you succeed... When everything is connected properly, we can hit the road, this time in the Pijnacker region in the Netherlands.

The beginning

Watch before you judge. This animation is used in the pre conceptual phase trying to convince involved parties what the FLOWER I'm about to do. The power of visualisation is vastly underestimated. Don't you think? So please go ahead and watch the video. Let me know your thoughts afterwards.