Conceptual phase

The whole concept is based on a vision which led to a ONE-OF-A-KIND truck you have never seen before! The chassis is the AROCS 4 axis (we added 1 axle) mirror less version to be fully modified. The hydraulic EFFER crane is the 395-5s version and able to lift 5.0T on 6 meters distance. 

Cabin extension with 900m and we combine the BIG space & GIGA Space cabin to create a little office behind the driver seat.

The slide-out container, based on a 20 foot twistlock size, will be placed on the truck. The trailer carries the sensors and a normal car. In this example the Mercedes A45 AMG.  

520 BHP & lots of shine

The engine is the EURO-6 second generation OM 471 low emission. Mercedes engineering established an impressive 13% Co2 reduction throughout the recent years which makes driving up most efficient.

This engine is formally classified as a HEAVY-DUTY engine but ours will have the live of a little princess! Shine and parade on exhibitions, client locations and stunning places of which I currently don’t now they exist!

We will add flashing lights, shiny bumpers and air horns all around. The coloring and exact look & feel is to be determined however if you have example's and ideas; let me know!